About Richmond Products

The Richmond Brand (made in Switzerland) is specialised in manufacture of medical and beauty products for the skin.
The Richmond professional skin care product suite is one of the most advanced skin care products that has an active and exclusive SHCTM complex which is a unique combination of pituides and several active substances that increase blood circulation and improve the metabolism of the skin. Also, the presence of this unique effective ingredient results in a high concentration of collagen stimulants. On the other hand, the complex is enriched with herbal enhancers, with tangential and firming enhancement effects on the skin. This complex prevents the onset of primary wrinkles by affecting the centre of the skin cells, leading to a reduction in skin complexion and increased regeneration and vital stimulation.

About us

The Richmond Product Collection, Professional hair care (made in Switzerland) is a mix of expertise, nature and modernity that brings happiness and relaxation to the skin and hair. so, at the same time with hair treatment, it also affects the skin and allows the scalp to absorb active ingredients. Richmond, with its unique selection of natural fragrances, has also improved its sense of well-being, when using it.

Richmond for Skin and Hair