Active ingredients & key claims


main component of the chamomile flower, with soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant properties and contributing to control of depigmentation disorders.

works as a skin conditioning agent

it enhances the appearance of dehydrated or damaged skin by reducing dry flaking and restoring suppleness to the skin.
Panthenol: natural humectant, providing a soft and smooth appearance to the skin, acting as moisturizing and restructuring agent.

Glycolic Acid

the smallest α-hydroxy acid (AHA), exerting a peeling action, helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne scarring; by weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together, the stratum corneum to be exfoliated, thus improving cell turnover.

Free from

Prarbens– Silicons – Alcoloh– Mineral Oils – Coloring Agents
Fragrance without allergens

Application tips

Apply the cream on face and décolleté through delicate circular movements.

Professional Nourishing Night Cream